Product Characteristics

MThink is an enterprise social platform that provides convenient group management based on HR Data Auto-Grouping and linking with Legacy Systems.
Based on Feed, Chat, Grouping, Calendar Sharing, Survey etc. basic functions, communication and collaboration can be significantly improved.

M THINK Main Features

Work Efficiency and Productivity Maximization

"Freedom from your work desk!
Connect via Mobile to work anytime anywhere "

An intuitive easy to use UI/UX is provided on Mobile and desktop etc. devices.

"Project Progress Innovation! Create Private Work Groups with Ease"

Anyone can create groups based on a variety of topics to encourage communication and cooperation.

"Expansion of Enterprise Social Functionality!
Easy Invitation to Outside Partners"

Not only users with the company, but partner companies and customers can be invited to share a communication channel.

"NO more confusion! Powerful Integrated Search "

A powerful search engine provided on the desktop version that not only searches the web but also content within attachment files.

"Critical Functions for Project and Team Cooperation!
Convenient File Management Group Albums"

For efficient Project and Team Cooperation, files and images shared with me can be grouped and managed.