Real-time Communication & Collaboration Enterprise Social Platform - MThink

Mthink is an Enterprise Social Platform that not only provides a sharing and communication tool for individuals and groups, but also a convenient linking functionality with Legacy Systems.Based on Feed, Chat, Grouping, Calendar Sharing, Survey etc. basic functions, communication and collaboration can be significantly improved.

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No need for email and phone number invites to create groups!
HR Data Auto-grouping - invite with ease!

Without the need for complication email and phone number invitations and invitation confirmations, Groups and Members are automatically managed based on the HR Data Group Definition using the HR Data-Grouping Function.

No need to login from multiple systems.
View everything in one place from the Messaging Hub.

There is not need to login to Groupware, Email, Legacy Systems etc. separately - by linking each of this systems in one Channel everything can be checked in one place
through the Messaging Hub, which promotes cooperation.

No more endless stream of emails!
Feed Based Real-time cooperation

When an Issue is shared through the Feed, related members Comment >> Discuss >> Decide, which enables real-time communication, real-time cooperation