Privacy Policy

MThink is an enterprise social platform that provides convenient group management based on HR Data Auto-Grouping and linking with Legacy Systems.
Based on Feed, Chat, Grouping, Calendar Sharing, Survey etc. basic functions, communication and collaboration can be significantly improved.

Privacy Policy

MThink Privacy Policy Welcome MThink users! Protection your user information is one of the top priorities of DATABANK SYSTEMS ("DATABANK SYSTEMS" below including all DATABANK SYSTEMS partner companies). Above all, DATABANK SYSTEMS under no circumstances sells your information. In order for users visiting the MThink website ("MThink site below") and users of MThink services to easily be able to understand how DATABANK SYSTEMS uses and protects user information, the Privacy Policy was created.

This Privacy Policy is always disclosed so that you can read it at any time necessary. In the event that this Privacy Policy is revised, an announcement will be made so that you can easily view the revisions details and reasons for the revision.

DATABANK SYSTEMS collects information so that MThink services can be provided without interruptions. "According to the Terms of Service that you agrees to, in order to provide the basic and advances features of MThink services, DATABANK SYSTEMS collects the following information from you." Personal information: to provide you with MThink services, DATABANK SYSTEMS collects your name, phone number, email address, password and company name. In addition to provide additional services, your profile picture may be selectively collected. In addition, when you use MThink services, DATABANK SYSTEMS automatically collects your device type, OS version and unique identifying number of the device. In addition MThink services mat collect your credit card number, telecommunication company information, discount code or coupon code or when using paid services, other information that is required to make payments in MThink services. Information that cannot identify users: I the process of using DATABANK SYSTEMS through MThink services, DATABANK SYSTEMS stores information that cannot be used to identity unique users. This information is collected manually through various technologies, and is not used to identify the user. DATABANK SYSTEMS saves this method on its own servers, or on updated and managed databases managed by partner companies, agents or service providers. MThink services separately uses data that cannot distinguish users, and in order to analyze total number of MThink services users, MThink services usage trends, the internet service provider domains of users, and other similar data etc. this data can be used together with other information. Statistics information: As a continued effort to better understand MThink services and provide users with better service, DATABANK SYSTEMS analyzes demographical factors, interests and behavior based on personal information and other information provided to DATABANK SYSTEMS. This analysis can be statistically edited and analyzed, and DATABANK SYSTEMS can share this statistical data with the partners, agents and business partners of DATABANK SYSTEMS. This statistical data does not include information that can uniquely identify users. DATABANK SYSTEMS cab also disclose statistical information to current and prospective partners, clients and 3rd parties to explain MThink services from various goal oriented perspectives. Cookies: To provide custom MThink services to you, DATABANK SYSTEMS uses cookies, and these cookies are stored on the desktops of users and are used each time the desktop based MThink services are required. Cookies are small text files that are sent to your browser from the server and are saved on the desktop hard drive of your computer. Later when you visit the website, the website server reads the content of the cookie saved to your device to determine preferences and to provide effective services. Cookies also make available website visitation records, usage patterns and preferences etc. to make it possible to provide you with optimized services. You have a right to choose whether or not to allow cookies to be saved. Through the option settings of your browser, you can allow cookies to be saved, for cookies to prompt if they can be saved every time, or you can refuse to allow cookies to be saved. But in the case you deny cookies to be saved, please make note that some MThink services that are required for a user to be logged in may be limited. DATABANK SYSTEMS reserves the right to revise the Terms of Service. In this case, DATABANK SYSTEMS will announce the contents, reason for revision and when the revision will take into effect, on our website 7 days before the revision takes effect. But in the case that the revision negatively impacts our users and clients, DATABANK SYSTEMS will inform details of the revision 30 days prior to taking effect on our website so that our users and clients can understand how the revisions might affect them. Despite the revision being posted, if our users and clients cannot agree to the terms, usage of MThink can be discontinued and the contract can be cancelled according to the Terms of Service. If our users and clients continue to use MThink service(s) after the revision takes effect, it will be considered that our users and clients have agreed to the new Terms of Service.

DATABANK SYSTEMS can use 3rd parties to conduct business development (information mailing, server hosting, providing data center services, data center repair and maintenance, processing payments etc.) When DATABANK SYSTEMS provides information to 3rd parties, DATABANK SYSTEMS provides information only with the necessary scope. The 3rd party that is provided with the information only uses your information for the intended purpose. Similarly, some application providers within MThink services can connect to 3rd party services. MThink services. DATABANK SYSTEMS can provide your personal information to 3rd parties within a required scope after receiving your approval with the objective of providing you the appropriate services. The details of the 3rd party connected services that you are currently using and the details of the 3rd parties that have been provided with your information can be checked from the account menu of MThink. DATABANK SYSTEMS can disclose your information to (i) adhere to the law, (ii) to protect the rights and property of DATABANK SYSTEMS or 3rd parties, (iii) to protect the safety of individual users or the public interest in emergency situations (iv) or on the case where there is a need for legal defense, your information can be provided in accordance with the law.

Once the objective of your personal information being collected has been achieved, your data will be deleted without delay. Your personal information will be moved to a separate database once the objective for its collection has been achieved, and after storing the data in accordance to related laws and regulations, it will be destroyed. Paper records will be shredded and discarded and digital records will be deleted using technology that prevents the data from being restored. But for data related to abuse and inappropriate usage of MThink services, according to the internal policy of DATABANK SYSTEMS to prevent internal disputes, the data will be stored for 1 year and then destroyed according to the method above. The personal information stored according to related laws by DATABANK SYSTEMS is shown as follows:
- record of indication and advertisement: 6 months (electronic commerce etc. laws related to consumer protection) - records related to contract and subscription withdrawal: 5 years (electronic commerce etc. laws related to consumer protection) - records on payment and provision of goods: 5 years (electronic commerce etc. laws related to consumer protection) - records on customer complaint and dispute resolution: 3 years (electronic commerce etc. laws related to consumer protection) - records on financial transactions: 5 years (electronic commerce laws) - documented proof on accounting records and all transactions according to tax law revision: 5 years (Framework Act on National Taxes) - records on login and user location information: 3 months (telecommunications privacy protection act) You have the choice not to provide personal information to DATABANK SYSTEMS. You can view and change your personal information within MThink services at any time, and you also withdraw your agreement to personal information collection by DATABANK SYSTEMS and also request to have your MThink services account cancelled.

DATABANK SYSTEMS makes continuous efforts to protect your personal information. DATABANK SYSTEMS makes the following efforts to prevent losing, theft, leaking, alteration or damage to your personal information. - DATABANK SYSTEMS sends your information through encrypted communication layers, (SSL method) and encrypts important information before storing it. - DATABANK SYSTEMS is taking the appropriate actions to protect your information from forgery, alteration and unauthorized access and from computer viruses. - DATABANK SYSTEMS has established and is executing internal management plans to protect personal information. - DATABANK SYSTEMS minimizes the number of people that can access your personal information.

Exclusion of the Terms of this Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy is not applicable to service feedback or information that is voluntarily provided through the services and other methods provided by DATABANK SYSTEMS. This information includes new products and services, and changes in current products and services and other voluntary sharing of opinions, and is not limited to these factors. (inclusively referred to as "feedback and voluntary information") All feedback and voluntary information is not secretive and is considered not to be exclusive, and DATABANK SYSTEMS can persistently save, reproduce, use, change, distribute, display and create derivative content and commercialize etc. this feedback and voluntary information freely without limitation.

Contact Info To protect your information and to process issues related to your privacy and other related concerns, DATABANK SYSTEMS operated a personal information management department. If you have any complaints inquiries, opinions or request regarding any and all issues relate to protection of personal information while using MThink services, please contact the personal information management department of DATABANK SYSTEMS. DATABANK SYSTEMS will make an effort to promptly and adequately answer you. Personal Information Management Department Customer Service Contact: Announced on April 1st, 2016. Effective April 1st, 2016.