Company Introduction

MThink is an enterprise social platform that provides convenient group management based on HR Data Auto-Grouping and linking with Legacy Systems.
Based on Feed, Chat, Grouping, Calendar Sharing, Survey etc. basic functions, communication and collaboration can be significantly improved.

Tech & Consulting Service

  • Mobile & Smart

    Design and develop Smart apps

  • Medical Information Service

    Integrated EMR services

  • Big Data

    Big Data analysis and application

  • Data & DB

    tweaking of Any DB

  • WAS

    Any WAS & APM

  • Security

    SSO, PKI, Security

  • Troubleshoot performance outages and bottlenecks

    DB & WAS troubleshooting services

Research & Development

  • Enterprise Social Platform
  • Smart Hospital
  • End-to-End Integrated Security Solution
  • DB/file cloning solution
  • Beacon based site check in
  • Mobile Video Conferencing
  • Smart Campus