Company Introduction

MThink is an enterprise social platform that provides convenient group management based on HR Data Auto-Grouping and linking with Legacy Systems.
Based on Feed, Chat, Grouping, Calendar Sharing, Survey etc. basic functions, communication and collaboration can be significantly improved.

Communicate & Collaborate

Databank Systems provides various technology and consulting services and solutions that are catered specifically to the needs of its clients.

MThink is an Enterprise Social Platform that is a tool that provides an innovative method of communication and cooperation.

회사 정보 표시
Founding Year 2002
Number of Employees 95 (as of March 2016)
Address Samsung Leader Tower #503 Beotkkot-ro 286 Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 08511
Phone Number +82-1644-4347
Core Competencies
  • - development of Enterprise Social Platform solution and technologies
  • - development and commercialization of proprietary MQTT protocol based Private Push Engine
  • - Research and Development focused corporate structure, more than 76% of employees work in research and development roles
  • - 270 technology service contracts with clients requiring DBMS, WAS, application, and ERP system solutions
  • - accumulation of mobile/medical/BigData/DBMS/WAS/security consulting technologies and industry knowhow